I’m going back…

Well, over 7 months later, I’m writing again (you can tell it’s revision time again, can’t you?).

I’m going to keep it short and sweet, otherwise I will rant about university work.

As you can tell by the title: I am moving back to Germany! Woohoo!
I shall be moving to Frankfurt in August, ready to start a 12-month internship with Diesterweg on 1st September. Diesterweg are an educational publisher, and I’ll be working in the English department who produce textbooks for learning English.

I am extremely excited to get back to the land of Wurst, Bier and delayed trains, and I have a flat for August and September as a Zwischenmiete (living in somebody’s room and paying their rent whilst they are away). I’ll be living with two Germans who seem lovely from the Skype interview I had with them last month.

I will no doubt be blogging my way through another year of German-ness, but I might start a new blog so as to not confuse my Hannover years with my Frankfurt years. Any name suggestions would be great – the most inventive I can think of is ‘Dan in Deutschland – Part 2’, which is really not that inventive.

Hope you’re all well, and thank for you reading!


(Oh, and this is Finlay. Now 2 years old. Yes: two years old).