5 More Reasons Why England Isn’t Actually That Bad

OK, so perhaps I was a bit harsh on England in my previous post. Throughout the past week, more things have risen as to why England isn’t actually that bad compared to Germany (with help from people mentioning them and reminding me). I guess that suggests I do take some things for granted here and don’t realise that they’re actually a positive thing about my Heimat.

Here are those extra 5 little things:

  1. Shops are open on Sundays (I haven’t a clue how I forgot to mention that in my last post – it’s fantastic!)
  2. Self-checkout machines in supermarkets. Why are there not more of them in Germany? It makes life so much more easier!
  3. You don’t have to worry about which cash machine you withdraw money from. This is contradictory to what I said in a previous post, but boy does it make worrying about withdrawing a lot easier!
  4. McDonalds is actually a lot cheaper here compared to Germany. I don’t go that much, but I noticed when me and Gemma went there the other night. This is probably a bad thing because it means getting fat, but at least you save money in the process.
  5. Getting ID’d isn’t a problem because they’re not concerned about a ‘weird-looking’ driving license like they were in Germany.

Having said all of this, I’m still going back to Germany when I’m done with university. I still miss life there dearly!