15 Reasons Why England Actually Isn’t That Bad

Though I lost my heart in Germany and I’ve said a lot of bad things about my Heimat since returning here 12 days ago, there are actually some good things about England which I should probably write about, so that you don’t all think that I think England is the worst place imaginable.

This is in similar style to my previous post (100 Things I’ve Learnt During My Year Abroad) which I enjoyed writing, but unfortunately 100 things just wasn’t manageable this time (I do love England, I promise!).


  1. I can buy lucozade here.
  2. I can buy galaxy chocolate here.
  3. I can buy decent peach water here.
  4. I can buy cider in a lot of places here. (I’m seeing a pattern here…)
  5. The coins are so much easier than euro coins.
  6. I somehow feel more welcomed in shops here than I did in Germany.
  7. I don’t need to worry about carrying a UK-Euro adapter around with me.
  8. Everybody drives on the correct side. (Though I haven’t got used to walking on the left side yet which has resulted in a few close collisions)
  9. I have internet even when I’m not at home. (This could’ve, however, been different in Germany. But that’s not the point. And it does mean my phone runs out of charge at midday)
  10. Pizza Express and its 2-for-1 Orange Wednesday deal is here.
  11. People seem to smile at me more when walking along the streets. I don’t mean in a creepy way, either.
  12. I’ve had people holding more doors for me here and saying ‘thank you’ when I do so for them. They just seem to say ‘thank you’ more nicely and with a smile compared to my experience of the Germans and their ‘danke’ and serious face.
  13. I have family and friends here. (Yes, that counts)
  14. My house here in Exeter is pretty good. (Housemates haven’t moved in yet, so that might be why… I’m kidding, I’m looking forward to seeing them!)


So there aren’t many things that jump to mind, but I’m just trying to make you aware I do like this country. There are things I much prefer about Germany, but England does have it’s advantages!