Altenberg revisited

I’m unsure whether I mentioned this already so just in case – back in May during the UK-German Connection conferences, I was asked by Gisela, a lady who works for the PAD, if I’d like to be a former assistant for next year’s induction course for Niedersachsen assistants – and I obviously said yes after the fantastic experience I had last year!

This year, the courses are taking place in a different place – Hotel ‘Maria in der Aue’, about a 1-hour trip by bus away from Cologne.

I’m not going to go on about what exactly happened, but it was basically really lovely meeting over one hundred new assistants based in either Niedersachsen, Hamburg, Bremen, Hessen, Berlin, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern or Schleswig-Holstein. I met around 8 or 9 assistants who are going to be teaching and/or living in Hannover this year, and my jealously levels hit the roof, but it’s nice to know that so many people will be able to enjoy my favourite German city this year!

Unlike last year, the place we stayed in also had other guests, meaning no being too loud when it was late (the former assistants were asked to make people aware of it after the first night of a ‘Never Have I Ever’ game played outside at around 1pm which I felt bad about…), but it was still a wonderful experience, and the food was a lot better than last year – even though last year the food was actually pretty good.

Rosie, a fellow assistant in Hannover, was also picked as a former assistant, so it was lovely to see her again and work with her after not seeing her since the end of May after she left for her month journey around Germany and returned back to England. Along with Emily, we all prepared the activities of the last evening, and ended up deciding on a Pub Quiz but with a twist; there were two rounds which were quite normal with 10 questions, but we also added rounds such as draw-a-cow-and-a-horse round and pick-up-line-auf-deutsch round which turned out to be a lot more fun than I initially expected it would be – some of the cows and horses were pretty impressive, as were the three team names we picked as the finalists of the best-team-name prize (3rd place was ‘I wish I studied French’, 2nd place was ‘Deutsche wish your girlfriend was hot like me’, and 1st place was ‘The Fellowship Of The Deutscher Ring’, after they were told a massive deal about the insurance they had called ‘Deutscher Ring’).

The accommodation itself was brilliant – this year, all rooms had ensuites, and because we were former assistants, we all got a room each – so I had an ensuite and a double bed all to myself! I was extremely impressed!

All in all, it was an amazing week, and I feel it was the perfect way to draw my year abroad to a close – I didn’t realise how many weird and wonderful questions would get thrown at us, but I feel all three of us former assistants did a really good job of reassuring the 111 panicked/exhausted/stressed out faces we met on the first day.

Quite a few people mentioned they’d actually come across my blog as well – so thank you for reading all of those who told me that! I hope you’ve been finding it useful for your build up to one of the most exciting years of your lives, and you can of course get in touch at any point throughout the year with any questions you may have!

Room with a view!

Room with a view!

Tasty food!

Tasty food!

The three former assistants  relieved after a successful Pub Quiz

The three former assistants relieved after a successful Pub Quiz!