My Auslandsjahr Playlist

Here I am sat listening to some music on Spotify which is taking me back to different parts of my year abroad, from when I first arrived, to living with Sabrina and Fabi in Menschingstraße, and even music which reminds me of last month which feels like years ago.

I thought it’d be a nice idea to share my Year Abroad Playlist, and mentioning what part of the year it takes me back to if there’s a specific point in the year my mind instantly gets thrown to. I’m not sure how to add videos onto posts, and even if I knew I wouldn’t do it because that’d just be silly with the amount of songs I’m about to write. So if you’re interested in any of the songs, I recommend you look them up on Spotify or Youtube.

I’m also going to try and put some sort of order to the songs, but no doubt it’ll fall apart towards the end. It’d be interesting to see how many of these songs other Year Abroaders have on their ‘Auslandsjahr Playlist’!

1. Every Tear Is A Waterfall – Coldplay

This reminds me of back in August when I visited the Zoo Hannover for the first time, as it’s played at the end of the sea lion show. It was all very exciting back then, and also the heatwave was horrendous!

2. You’re Not Alone – Mads Langer

This is a remix of the original Olive’s ‘You’re Not Alone’, and I remember first hearing it whilst sat in my mentor’s car after we’d had my viewing of the house in Langenhagen. At the time it was exciting to have found somewhere temporary, but obviously, as keen readers will know, that was not how it turned out…

3. Little Talks – Of Monsters And Men

Of course I’d mention this song. Basically, it was the song that reminded me of Altenberg when I met the other hundred or so assistants who were going to be working in Niedersachsen, Bremen, Nordrhein-Westfalen or Saarland. I still love it now, and am glad it’s not overplayed too much nowadays…

4. Diamonds – Rihanna

This was towards the end of the September, and I can now only listen to this song if it was on a night out in the club. It does my head in and reminds me too much of the stress I had with moving to Langenhagen and back within one weekend!

5. Sweet Nothing – Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch

This reminds me of moving into Menschingstraße and starting to go on nights out with Millie. In Baggi, of course.

6. One Day / Reckoning Song (Wankelmut Remix) – Asaf Avidan & The Mojos

I can not stand this song anymore – it was played way too much. In a club, I’d probably be happy for it to play. Otherwise – please, no. It reminds me of the opening of Karneval dressed as a RED Indian (got it right this time) drinking on the streets of Cologne.

7. I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix) – Lykki Li

This song naturally goes with song number 6, and reminds me of the build up to Christmas, as well as how much Millie used to hate this song, too.

8. Dumb Ways To Die – Tangerine Kitty

A beautiful song about being safe around trains. This reminds me of Christmas time when I was home and Anna Trotzdem showed me this song. We danced in the car whilst Anna was driving (probably not safe, but we didn’t die).

9. Infinity 2k12 (DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark Radio Edit) – Guru Josh

This is a bit of a random one and a lot of Year Abroaders probably won’t link this song to their time abroad. Anyway, it reminds me of New Year spent in Exeter with Belinda and Monty, and I do quite like it once it gets into it…

10. Everything At Once – Lenka

This is the song of January/February after a teacher mentioned she was using it in her class to teach her kids some adjectives (the song basically says ‘as ____ as a _____’ all the way through and I guess the repetitiveness is a good teaching method)!

11. I Knew You Were Trouble. – Taylor Swift

A beautiful song which makes me now only thing of a goat.

12. Yellow Sound – Of Monsters And Men

After seeing them live, I fell in love with Of Monsters And Men even more, and it’s not just this song that I listened to non-stop. But this song is one that I hated listening to, but after hearing it live I couldn’t stop listening to it. It’s a kind of lullaby and quite repetitive at the end, but still very nice.

13. Pompeii – Bastille

This takes me straight back to my time in Paris back in April after Millie and Rachel had been to see them live. I’m very jealous of you both.

14. Hurricane – MS MR

A song a friend showed me here back in June which I got a little addicted to for about a week.

15. Safe And Sound – Capital Cities

Aber natürlich! This is my ultimate favourite song. It’s such a happy song which reminds me of June when all the other assistants had left but there I was hanging on to Germany. I’ve requested it many times in clubs, and I’ve recently heard it’s starting to be played in England, so I’m looking forward to it becoming big when I return and having the luck to listen to it even more for a month or so constantly!

16. Get Lucky – Daft Punk

Another June favourite which takes me back to the Schützenfest, especially the wonderful night with Alex, Jo and Caley.

17. Applaus Applaus – Sportfreunde Stiller

I’m not a huge fan of this song, but it still takes me back to good times back in June and July.

18. Schönste Zeit – Bosse

Es war die schönste Zeit! But it made me dread leaving Germany a couple of months back, which I’m still dreading now.

19. Girls Like You – The Naked And Famous

Takes me back to last month watching the sunrise over the Maschsee and getting excited for the Maschseefest, as well as the start of my summer course mid-July.

20. Home – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

I came across this on Spotify after playing songs which I may like. And I very, very much like it. It reminds me of, well, now, as I’m building up to finishing my year abroad, and I know full well it’s going to make me really sad when I listen to it again in a month or so and my year abroad is but a distant memory…

So those are my main Year Abroad songs. Obviously, there are a bunch of others, but these are the main ones. I recommend you Youtube or Spotify them – some of them are really catchy!

Here is the music video to Safe & Sound by Capital Cities. I’m afraid those in Germany won’t be able to watch it, but those in England should be able to. Enjoy!