April Highlights

After looking at the main things I’ve done throughout April, I’ve noticed it’s not actually as ‘packed’ as previous months have been, yet a lot has still been crammed into it. April has been my 9th month in Germany which, contrary to what you might think I’d say, actually seems right. There seems to be no more ‘oh wow, time has flown so fast!’ about it, as it does feel like I’ve been in Germany for a hell of a long time now. That doesn’t mean to say I’m not enjoying my time here though – I’m loving every moment as always!

So here’s April summed up:


  • Tuesday 2nd April: First ‘English and German: Comparisons and Contrasts’ lecture

Being the geek that I am, I found out about a weekly lecture at the University of Hanover called ‘English and German: Comparisons and Contrasts’. Hopefully some of you reading this think it sounds as equally as exciting as I do, and so far it’s proved to be just as exciting, albeit quite confusing with the English terminology being used which I’m having to try and learn whilst trying to cope with German, too.

  • Wednesday 3rd April: Met Jo, Caley and Tom from Bristol University

A month after Millie left Hanover for Paris, three more Bristolians came to Hanover to do the second semester here for the second half of their year abroads, with Jo and Caley having spent their first half in Bordeaux, and Tom having spent his in Valencia. We went for some cocktails with Sabrina and Jo’s boyfriend for Jo’s 21st birthday, and I generally enjoyed the presence of new Brits in Hanover.

  • Saturday 6th April: Lana Del Rey in Hamburg

Comparing to the Of Monsters and Men concert I went to just two weeks beforehand, I wasn’t as excited to see Lana Del Rey. The concert was, however, pretty good, and I was happy she wasn’t as bad live as I’ve heard she is!

  • Sunday 7th April: Pixar Exhibition

IMG_9096Unfortunately, the weekend in Hamburg was more exciting for me because of the Pixar exhibition in ‘Das Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe‘. The exhibition gave a lot of information about the history of Pixar, including original plans for its films (such as Boo originally planned to be ginger!), and there was a section for every single film made my Pixar, including a gigantic one for Toy Story. There was also a small cinema area which showed something which is quite hard to explain – it was kind of all the films being shown one by one artistically (not the entire films, but certain parts of the films) which we sat and watching for about 10 minutes because it was really cool how they did it.

Unfortunately, you weren’t allowed to take photos in the exhibition, though we were allowed to take photos of ourselves with Mike and Sulley from Monsters Inc..

  • Monday 8th April: Trip to SeaLife with Rosie & First Japanese class

I spent the day with Rosie, another assistant in Hanover, and we went to the SeaLife here in Hanover, which I got into for free after being told I can do so with my Zoo card, when it actually turns out you have to actually work at the zoo – yet the people at the till were dumb enough to let me in anyway despite my lack of ID. I went to the SeaLife back in August so there’s nothing much to report.

Moving onto the evening, I went to my first Japanese class. Just to keep you up-to-date, I actually got accepted onto both Japanese and Spanish (there was about 10% chance of it happening…) so I decided to go for Japanese due to it being very different to the languages I know, and also keeping in mind that Nintendo often like applicants to have knowledge of Japanese, which I learnt about 2 years ago when researching internships at Nintendo for my year abroad out of interest…

  • Saturday 13th April: Trip to Braunschweig, followed by Jim Block & Baggi

534108_10200562601021124_1009378605_nI decided to show the Bristolians a nice city near Hanover, and we ended up choosing Braunschweig (though Wolffenbüttel and the Jägermeister Factory came up close second). Again, there’s nothing to report on Braunschweig with it being somewhere I’ve been to a few times now, but it was nice to do with a bunch of new Brits, as well as Sabrina and Fabi.

After we got back to Hanover, we went to Jim Block (typisch) and then pre-drinks followed by Baggi (again, typisch). Well, I’ve got to show them the main bits first, right?

  • Tuesday 16th April: A Party at Dorotheenstraße

A small addition to the month was a bizarre party at Dorotheenstraße, which is the student accommodation Jo and Caley live in, and also the accommodation I stayed in last August during my summer course. Basically, we turned up and were pretty much the only ones there, and then half an hour later the room was pretty much packed. There was also randomly a Looping Louie game on one of the tables which the bar people had turned into a drinking game (i.e. you drink if you lose) – a whole new level of failness trying to be cool? Perhaps. But it was weirdly addictive.

  • Wednesday 17th April: Cheap Lindt Bunny

This needs to be reported. I got a normal-sized Chocolate Lindt Bunny for the beautiful price of 0,50€.

  • Saturday 20th April: A trip around Hanover with Charis, Phoebe and others

This weekend was a wonderful one with a visit from two fellow Exeter students – Phoebe and Charis. After cooking Cottage Pie on the Friday with Elsa, we met up with a couple of other assistants on the Saturday morning for a tour of Hanover, and I finally managed to go up the Rathaus (town hall) again after not being up since August. There were loads of weddings going on at the Rathaus, too, and we witnessed about 30 balloons being released into the sky at the front of it – it was a really pretty sight!

IMG_9170We had our Mittagsessen at the Markthalle, where I had Paella with mini squids in it. It looked creepy but tasted pretty good. We then met up with a bunch of other people, bringing us to a group of 9 people, and headed to the Frühlingsfest (Spring Festival) which was basically like the Oktoberfest in Hanover back in September. Charis and I braved the log flume and enjoyed our cans of Strongbows which we purchased at the British Shop beforehand, and soon enough we were heading to the Maschsee to meet Sabrina and the others after getting quickly bored of the Frühlingsfest.

Despite Sabrina, Jo and Caley not hanging around too long after we met up with them, the 9 of us sat along the Maschsee soaking in the sun which was slowly setting in the distance, before making our way to none other than Jim Block (bringing my April Jim Block count to just 2 which I think is a new lowest record as I haven’t been again this month).

  • Sunday 21st April: Herrenhäuser Gärten

On the Sunday, we headed to the Herrenhäuser Gärten which I’ve wanted to visit again after August for quite a while, but never found the time, nor the weather, for it. It was nice to have a calming day with Phoebe and Charis, despite mine and Phoebe’s little stone-throwing fight we had towards the end of our visit there (she may have won due to me finding pebbles all over my room the next day). Afterwards, we bode Charis farewell, and, after we booked our tickets for the Holi Festival next month in Leipzig (aaahhh!), Phoebe also left the next day early in the morning.

  • Friday 26th April-Monday 29th April: Paris!

The next and final big thing of April was my trip to Paris to visit Millie, which you can find more about here: Paris.


Other things to mention:

  • As mentioned just above, I’m going to be going to Leipzig next month to go to the Holi Festival, which is basically a giant festival where everybody throws powdered paint everywhere. It looks amazing.
  • I’m going back to England this coming weekend for the UK-German Connection, as well as to go home for a few days – I can’t wait!
  • Jo, Caley and Tom take the mick out of my accent. It’s like having three Millies.
  • My English AG (kind of translates as ‘club’) has finally started successfully at my school, and so far I’ve gone through some idioms, as well as some common English mistakes which Germans do, as well as those which the English do. They were pretty confused when I told them about the whole ‘I were’ and ‘you was’ in my accent.
  • My new timetable at school has more of the older classes in it due to me picking that and Ilka allowing me to pick my own classes. Though it can be stressful at times when not knowing anything about the Declaration of Independence, it is a lot of fun. I also have a younger class of around 10-year-olds which takes me back to the same-aged class I had when I started – it’s really good fun teaching them with them being amazed at everything I say in English.