My First German Clubbing Experience

Well, the football match was fun. Bar the fact Man U. won at the last minute. Hannover scored the first goal, followed by a Man U. goal, then Hannover another 2 making it pretty much look like Hannover was going to win. And then out of nowhere, Man U. scored 3 goals. The b**tards. We left 5 minutes before the game ended when it was obvious there wasn’t going to be any change in score!

Hannover’s song playing before the match began.

But that was the game update. Admittedly, I’ve never been to a football match before. The atmosphere was absolutely brilliant and there were loads of people there. We had tickets for standing places, but just before half time moved round the stadium and found some seats because it turns out standing for an hour or so really hurt our feet. When we were walking up to the stadium towards the crowds of people, I did laugh in my head – as we were walking, Pink’s song “Get This Party Started” started playing really loudly from speaker or what not at the side of the road; so there we were walking down the road to the stadium, on a Saturday night. That might not seem so funny to you, but it did me yesterday!

After the football match, I had my first German clubbing experience. Myself, Henri and Marco went to a supermarket to meet some more of their friends. Baring in mind I’d already had a beer before the football match, we got some Jägermeister and energy drinks. Different to England, we were allowed to just sit on the streets and drink alcohol. I felt like a proper chav, but it appeared to be a normal thing in Germany. Or at least in Hannover. We then went onto a club called Dax; on the walls were prices of drinks and every few minutes the prices would change so you had to buy strategically. I went for two Kölsch (or ‘Kolsch’ is I said at first which the barmaid replied ‘Was ist das denn?’ – damn umlauts!), stupidly when the price was up because I was too slow, and then after I’d bought them the price went down again, so I lost out on 40 cents altogether. Damn. Despite that, the club was brilliant. I only have clubbing experience in Exeter, but this one was separated into different parts – you walk into a pub/bar-like area which played German music (such as, what appeared to be, a German version of the Hokey Cokey (“Linker Arm! Rechter Arm! Linkes Bein! Rechtes Bein!”)), and then if you moved to the next room, it was more of a club with, without sounding like some sort of nerd, actually really cool music. It wasn’t like what you’d find in Arena; whatever’s in the top 40 (unless of course you hit Cheesey Tuesday), but in fact it was a lot of remixes and actually really good to dance to. I’m not much of a musicly knowledgeable person though so couldn’t say what genre it was. Another thing I immediately noticed was that smoking was allowed in the club area. Definitely something I’m pretty sure isn’t allowed in England, though then again I guess there must be some places in England which allow it? It was however nice to dance to English music and know all the words, even though sometimes an English song would play and I would have never heard of it before but the Germans got all excited when it started. One of Henri’s friends, I think she was called Jula, was actually surprised when I told her I was 20, and was also for some reason surprised that I spoke German so well (which I’ve noticed a lot of people seem to think as if it’s unheard of for an English person to be able to speak a bit of German) which was quite nice to hear!

At least English coins have different shapes – Euro coins are all bloody circular and hard to distinguish when they’re all mixed up in your wallet!

One thing I’m finding hard though is the money. The euro notes are fine to work with, but the coins are a pain in the butt. 1 cent, 2 cents and 5 cents are very similar, apart from it goes the bigger the number, the bigger the coin (barely), which also applies to 10 cents, 20 cents and 50 cents. 1 Euro and 2 Euro coins are easy to distinguish. And a lot of people here seem to want exact change. An example being when I went to the Mensa last week, I spent something like 3.23€. I gave the lady a 5 Euro note, and she asked if I had the 23 cents, which is very hard to do, not only because you feel rushed because there’s a big queue, but also because all the damn coins look the damn same!

Anyway, back to my night out – after another Kölsch, Henri, Marco and I left and decided to hit a cocktail bar (never have I ever been to so many places in one night/drunk so many different types of alcohol in one night) where I had a Sex On The Beach. The bar was great and had Looney Tunes episodes playing on a projector, and we got free pretzels. Finally, we went to an English pub called Jack The Ripper’s, where the barman, speaking German, had, what I thought was, a very English accent. Then he spoke English a little to bit to some other customers and I swiftly realised he was a wee bit Scottish. There, I had a Strongbow, followed by a little taste of Marco’s drink which I think was whiskey and milk. I’ve never heard of the combination, but it tasted pretty good! The pub was so good though. Imagine a mixture between Firehouse and the old Ram, and BBC was playing on the TV including the weather in Britain. If ever you visit (obviously speaking to only certain people here), I’ll definitely take you there, even if you want something more German, because it was in my opinion too nice to not visit.

I seriously felt like a Fresher again which was fantastic. I was officially called a ‘Bro’ by Henri which is very high up on the friendship rankings, making me feel mega chuffed! I finally got home at 3:30am this morning. Pretty sure I’ve never been out that late, but here there were still loads of people out and about as if it was the norm!

And the best bit was that, after waking up at around 11:30am this morning, I had no hangover after being out in Hannover (ha… see what I did there? Face palm if you so feel the need).

Tomorrow starts another week of painful, torturing, long and boring classes. We’re apparently having a different teacher for some of the days from now which might be nice, unless he/she is nasty in which case it’ll not be nice. But other than that, I’m loving life here in Hannover!