“Legen… wait for it… dary!”

So here I am posting for the third day in a row. I’ve got a few hours to spare so I’ve come into the Hauptgebäude of the Uni to use the internet, and thought I would tell you about my last 24 hours in Hannover. I do promise to stop posting so much, but at the moment, literally everything that happens (bar the class) is exciting – I would say half of me wants things to calm down so I stop getting so excited and posting every day, but that would be a lie, and I hope you agree, too.

Glancing over to my class, it slowly is getting better every day, admittedly. Every day, the class is from 8.30am until 14.05 (or 14.7:30 according to our timetable so we fit in exactly the time we need), and it’s been running for four days now. Thankfully, half the summer academy students are going to Berlin tomorrow for the weekend, so there’s no class tomorrow until Monday. But yeah… it’s slowly getting better and I’ve spoken a bit to some of the Russian girls who are nice. Of course, there’s still the evil one who, yes, corrected some more today. She hasn’t corrected me yet actually. Probably because I’m just so awesome and pretty much German (I joke, of course..)

Wie gesagt sieht es vielleicht nicht wie ein Baum aus. Es machte trotzdem viel Spaß!

I write new words and phrases down in the class at least every 2 minutes (when I’m not zoning out from the boredom of the topic). Even when the teacher’s talking and I hear him say something (for example he said today “Moment, das kommt gleich noch!” when someone jumped ahead of themselves), so I’m really paying attention to every single last detail which I’m not quite bored of just yet. My favourite thing we did today was draw a picture of a tree. I don’t know how we got onto it (I do sometimes get lost in the class; usually because it’s so boring like I mentioned above that I zone out, and then I suddenly come back in and realise I’ve lost track and so can’t follow what our teacher is saying in German), but it was still pretty cool to draw a tree and label all the different bits of it in German. In fact, it was so cool I will show you it all. As you can probably tell, I am no artist, so please don’t comment on how the tree actually looks.

Yesterday, we went on a town tour along, what they call, ‘Roten Faden’ (literally ‘Red Thread’) which is a red line painted on the pavement which goes all around Hannover, hitting all the sites you have to see. It was really nice to walk fully around the town and go inside the Town Hall and stuff and it took a good couple of hours. My favourite part was possibly in the Rathaus – there were four giant models of Hannover at different time periods, like the one in the RAMM Museum in Exeter, and it was really interesting to see the one dated 1945. Basically, Hannover was pretty much completely destroyed during WW2 which I’ve heard a lot of people talk about; Ilka told me, our tour guide told us, my teacher told us… Here are the models in photo form in the order of time periods (‘Heute’ means ‘today’):

Gabi, Camel and Zumba with one of the many things covered in colourful price stickers.

Another favourite bit was in a different part of town. Unfortunately I can’t remember what the part of the town is called, but I’ve been there twice now (once with Ilka and then yesterday on the tour) and there were basically loads and loads of street lights, bollards and pillars absolutely covered in small price stickers. At first that doesn’t sound quite nice, I admit, but if you look at the picture it’s actually really nice and colourful. I asked Ilka the first time I was there why there were loads of stickers, and she didn’t know. She said it’s perhaps some kind of art project or something. But either way, as you can see, it does look really cool and unique.

Now onto Henri! As I mentioned in my last post, Ilka has gone on holiday for a week to Manchester, and so she introduced me to loads of her neighbours in her block of flats. One person she introduced me to is Henri who’s 19 years old, ‘cos she thought it would be good for me to get to know him so I know someone my age who’s German. So last night we went for a drink and it was great fun! We went to the English pub ‘The Shakespeare’ where I happily drank a Bulmers, and then we went onto the Irish Pub which I think is called ‘The Dublin Pub’ where I had a couple of Strongbows. Henri and I got on really well and, as I said above, it was nice to have a German friend my age at last (it’s great knowing all of the different students at the summer academy and all, but they obviously don’t speak fluent German so it’s quite hard to really practise). I was happy to find out me and Henri have a lot in common, including the TV programmes we watch. And I was especially surprised when I found out he loves none other than ‘How I Met Your Mother’! So we were sat in the Irish Pub shouting out loads of phrases, including “Legen… wait for it… dary!” which was hilarious (we’d had a bit to drink so I reckon that’s why it was perhaps a bit funnier than you may be thinking now). He taught me a bunch of slang words, including some I just can’t bring myself to write in here (but he did laugh at good ol’ ‘Affentittengeil’ which I’m not translating into English on here). So yeah, that was my evening, spent drinking cider which was great. We’re going to a football match on Saturday with Henri’s friend (oder wie er sagt: “Bro”) Marco, so that’ll be another German I meet my age! The football match is Hannover against Manchester United. Don’t worry Uncle Andy; I’ll be supporting Hannover!

And so this evening I’ll be going back to the nice flat to meet the two people I would be living with if I get the room, which I really hope I do. My confidence has grown tenfold in just 6 days; I’m actually looking forward to going to meet them, despite the fact it’ll be all in German. I’m even starting to think in German. It’s the most bizarre thing, but it’s just happening naturally. Hopefully if this is all happening after just 6 days, then I’m going to pretty much be fluent at the end of my Year Abroad. Sam’s also coming to visit this evening with his brother which I’m looking forward to so I can hear a northern tone face-to-face for the first time in almost a week!

So that’s all for now. I don’t need to say it, but chances are I will be writing again soon. Hopefully you enjoy reading, anyway. I guess if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be on this paragraph now.