Words cannot describe.

Good evening, dear readers.

So then. Here I am, the night before I start my year abroad. Words cannot describe the emotion I’m feeling right now. Or perhaps I’m just feeling a massive mixture of loads. From happiness about moving somewhere new, to nerves which speak for themselves, to excitement which also speaks for itself, to sadness knowing I won’t be in Exeter fully for a year, and so many others. My head is totally baffled right now, and I must admit I honestly didn’t think I’d feel like this. I thought there would be pure nerves and that’s it – but nope, there’s a lot going on in my little head as I type right now.

Finlay after a long, hard day of dancing, being pushed about in his pram, and staring at ceiling fans.

I’ve had a brilliant last week here in England. From seeing friends near and far, including a lovely little trip to York to visit Beth, which included the York Dungeons (where I was extremely guilty for wearing a pink frilly dress, wearing lipstick, and wearing a sign saying ‘Get it here!’: I mean, come on – it could’ve been ANYONE!) I’ve also seen family, including none other than Finlay, who I still can’t bring myself to call Fin just yet because he’s just too small and cute and Finlay sounds better at the moment! That included a trip to Frankie & Benny’s for dinner (which, to all your southerners, I mean midday meal. Not evening meal like you so wrongly name), meaning within 5 days I managed a breakfast, dinner AND tea at Frankie & Benny’s. Definitely no complaints from me there. Finlay especially enjoyed dancing to the music and staring at the ceiling fans, as well as looking me right in the face and giving me a massive smile (again the words ‘I want one’ echoed in my mind when that happened…)

So, of course, a picture of the little man to the left. That’ll be the last picture taken by me for about 4 months. I really feel gutted I’m going to miss so much of him growing up, as I imagine at Christmas he’s going to have really grown – he’ll be just about double the age he is now! But I’ll hopefully be receiving pictures of him every now and then, and I’m sure Facebook will be full of them, so it won’t be too bad!

But yes, back to my year abroad. We’re leaving the house at 3:30am tomorrow morning (I apologise in advance, Mum and Darren!) to get to Manchester in good time for my flight at around 7:30. I feel really safe with my arrival in Hanover though, as my mentor for my British Council post (despite not teaching there ’till September) is going to be picking me up from the airport and taking me to the University to pick up my accommodation key, and then taking me to my accommodation. I know my mentor will make sure everything is OK – she seems like a very nice lady so far from the emails! I think without her I’d be a massive nervous wreck right now.

I’m just about packed. Just about. I hate packing though. It’s always the worst when you know you can’t close your suitcase because you’ll need to open it in the morning to put last minute things like toothbrush and stuff. I’m also really worried I’ll be over the limit, but according to our neighbour’s ‘luggage weigher’ (yes, there is such thing), it’s a few kilograms below the limit. So hopefully all should be well with that, and I haven’t just misread it.

I also think I won’t have internet this weekend when I get to my accommodation, due to a letter from the university saying that we’ll be told how to log onto the internet on the evening greeting thingymabobbymajiggy (in German it’s Begrüßungsveranstaltung, anyway) which takes place on Monday evening. I have therefore bought myself a video game for my 3DS (Pokémon, no less) just in the smallest chance that I’m the first to my accommodation and I have nobody to meet and hang out with. I’ll probably stroll into town to get used to the area, too, but the DS game is just in case. I also treated myself to the Dummies book of how to teach English as a foreign language. Bar the fact it was on sale in WHSmiths, I thought it would come in handy, as well as being something to do if I ever get bored. And because of that, I actually got a retweet from both thirdyearabroad.com and from the makers of the Dummies books on Twitter. I feel like a celebrity!

And now I have realised I’m ranting on. It’s time for me to close my last ever post before my year abroad starts. I never thought this day would come (when I started first year at university it felt like years away – well, it WAS years away – but those two years soon went by). I will post when I get settled into Hanover, which should hopefully not take too long.

Thank you for everyone who has read so far. I promise from now on, my posts are going to get a lot more interesting.

Deutschland, here I come.