A few of my friends’ blogs.

I thought I’d use the this post to advertise a few of my friends’ blogs here on WordPress. Some of you reading this may have found my blog through thirdyearabroad.com (me being mega famous and all), which may suggest you’re interested to read the stories of students who are spending their year abroad in Germany.

I’m only going to suggest a few blogs as to not bombard you with a massive selection, so here goes:

Let’s start off with Phoebe. Phoebe is also spending her year abroad as a British Council language assistant, and it just so happens she’s also spending it in Niedersachsen like me. However she’ll be assisting in a small town which is pleasantly named Herzlake. Phoebe is one of my closest friends at university, and I’m actually going to be living with her and her mental personality (mental in a good, crazy way) in our final year of uni after we return from Germany. She’s only posted one post so far, but I’m sure it’ll pick up when she gets to Germany in September! Here’s the link to her blog if you’re interested: www.phoebehobbs.wordpress.com

And then we move onto Rae. Rae is also doing British Council, but she’s teaching in Nordrhein-Westfalen. I must apologise and say I can’t quite remember the exact location she’ll be teaching in, but so far her blog has proved to be a good read, despite having not even left for Germany yet, so I’m sure it may be of interest to you once she gets to Germany in about a months’ time: www.raeontheroad.wordpress.com

Moving away from the British Council side of things, Beth is going to be studying at the Universität Tübingen. From what I remember, she’s going to be studying some sort of German and French, with them being her subjects at Exeter, along with other exciting modules (possibly something to do with Media…) which all sounds really interesting. Beth’s taken a fantastic twist on her blog and is doing a ‘101 things to do in Germany’ blog, and is so far on her 3rd point. I definitely recommend her blog as I imagine it’ll be full of exciting stories once she gets to Germany: www.bethsyearabroad.wordpress.com

I’ll stick to the rule of three and leave it there. There are other fantastic blogs out there of those I know going on their year abroad this coming August/September too, but I’m sure you’ll find your way through them all soon enough, and you’ve got enough to read through for now anyway!

And to finish off the post; this will probably be my penultimate post before I move to Germany, in just five days.