It’ll breet.

Top o’ the mornin’ to you!

I had a very scary thought to wake up to today – in two weeks’ time exactly, I’ll be on my flight to Hanover. The excitement is overwhelming, yet the nerves are just as bad, so it’s kind of all balancing out at the moment and I’m just going with the flow. I’ve also had a good e-mail chat with my mentor, Ilka, at IGS Roderbruch (the school I’ll be teaching at) and she said she’ll happily pick me up from the airport when I get there in August and take me to the university I’m doing my summer school at, despite the fact I’m not teaching at Roderbruch until September! She also said she’ll show me around Hanover and the school the afternoon of the day I get there which is fantastic news – so it’s all looking good so far!

Linking on to flying – in less than 12 hours I’m going to be on a flight to Northern Ireland! Well, I’m flying to Dublin, but the destination is Northern Ireland. This is going to be my first ever flight alone, as I think I’ve mentioned, so it’s going to be quite scary. But it’ll breet (‘breet’ meaning ‘be alright’ in Yorkshire lingo – I’ll probably use it a lot, so now you know).

Apart from all this jetting off, there has been quite a bit going on in the past couple of weeks in England since my last post, including buying Pokémon cards with Leigh and Caitlin, doing a small Come Dine With Me-like evening with Beccy and Ellie, and my little brother has had his last day at primary school, as well as starring in the school play of Wizard of Oz as Uncle Henry which was brilliant.

Adam dressed as Uncle Henry for his school play.

To the left is a picture of Adam dressed as Uncle Henry. The play was brilliant – Adam only had a few lines at the very start and very end, but when he was supposed to pretend they were in the tornado, he actually fell over and let out a little ‘woah!’ as he did it – we all laughed. We’re not cruel, I swear. And me and my mum also won the raffle – I shouted out ‘chocolate’ for our prize before my mum managed to shout ‘wine’… They were Lindt chocolates after all!

There was also an awkward moment when me and my mum noticed the face of one of the kids at the very start before the play had begun- he looked extremely miserable and he really didn’t want to be there. So, of course, me and my mum started making funny comments about how he could cheer himself up. We laughed a little. Then, it just so turned out I was sat right next to the miserable child’s mum – it was a very small moment when I wanted the floor to open up and eat me. I was definitely worse off between me and my mum because I was the one next to the kid’s mum, but it was my mum who actually realised who I was sat next to because she was taking a photo of him and trying to make him smile. But apart from that, it was a well-spent hour.

Shocked face!

Naturally, a blog post wouldn’t be a blog post on here without a comment about my nephew. I saw him a week ago and, yes, he is adorable and growing a lot and all the usual. The picture to the right is one I took of him at my dad’s birthday barbecue – I love his facial expression! He’s an extremely happy chappy at the moment which is very nice to see!

Anyway, I should probably go eat and get ready to leave for NORN IRON. I planned my train to be about 5 hours before the flight to get to Leeds so I have loads of time to find my way around. I’d rather be mega early than late, and as mentioned I’m a massive worrier when it comes to travelling. I’m sure lots of photos will be taken on my adventure with Belinda and Monty and I’ll pop them all on Facebook (even the ones that show Belinda’s 10 million chins of which I’m sure there will be plenty of pictures).