Whaleoilbeefhooked I can’t wayit!

It’s been a wee while, again, since I posted. And I’m sat here bored singing out loud to my shuffled music – I don’t notice I’m singing most of the time. It can be quite embarrassing.

Anyway, where are we now… Last thing I heard Year Abroad-wise was I’m going to Hannover. I still haven’t actually heard from the school itself (and so the stress continues) so I’m hoping that they’ll be in touch this week. If not, I’m going to start sending emails, because it’s getting a little annoying now – I thought Germans were supposed to be punctual!

I’ve put off getting Year Abroad Insurance now for about 2 weeks. I don’t know why I’m putting it off, it’s just one of those tedious things which means money which I’d rather not worry about right now. Once I hear from the school, I’ll start preparing. For now, I shall sit and wait and moan about being bored.

I realised as well my last post was me moaning (it’s all I seem to be doing nowadays) that I didn’t have my second year results – well, I got them, and I was very happy to see I got a First! Well, chuffin’ ecstatic more like. I’m glad my mum was the only one in the house when I pranced around the house shouting “I got a First!”. So that was extremely good news, especially finding out that the day after I found out my Year Abroad location – it was a good couple of days to come back home to!

But for now, I’m not doing a great deal. Well, I guess I’m doing a little bit – working at my dad’s factory for the fourth summer running. Absolutely tedious. But it’s all pennies for Germany. And I’m helping out in the German and French classes at my old secondary school too, and managed to make one student laugh so much she started crying a little – I hope that’s a good sign and she wasn’t just laughing AT me. But I’ll be continuing helping out there next week. For now, it’s a week of manual labour. One day down, four to go.

Since my last post, I’ve also booked tickets to NORN IRON! Or, otherwise known as Northern Ireland. I’m very excited to see the world of Andrew Montgomery along with none other than Miss Belinda Lavin. That’s in 12 days (not that I’m counting, and also – WOW, I didn’t realise how soon it was) and we’re going for a long weekend. Whaleoilbeefhooked I can’t wayit!

I’m going to be all soppy and post yet another photo of Finlay, my nephew. I saw him for the first time in a month last week and he has REALLY grown – he laughs and smiles and says “awoo” and everything! Though I’m only 20, I did think ‘I want one!’, but then I returned home to my little brother who’s now 11 and swiftly remembered how I don’t want any kids. Not that I don’t like him, he can just be a mega pain in the butt like any younger sibling can be.


Proud Uncle Dan with Finlay.

That’s all for now. I’ll probably write again before I hit Deutschland (which is looking likely to be 4th August – just 26 days. Gulp).