Today is that day.

It has been a while! I decided I wouldn’t write again until I found out where I’m going to be next year.

And it turns out today is that day.

Firstly, I just came home for the summer today. When we got home after the 5-6 hour car journey, my mum and I decided to go to see my nanna. I’ve been having quite bad hayfever today, too, as well as eczema on my toe (bit too much, I know), so you can imagine me – sat there, itchy eyes, runny nose, stinging foot in my flip flops, sat with my mum and my nanna who was sat laughing away and swearing at the top of her voice (she has dementia, bless her!) when I get my phone out to check my emails. At first, I thought it was an email about my summer school things at the University of Hannover, but it turned out to be an email from the school I’m going to be at next year – in Hannover!!

I was actually speechless at first. I had checked my phone expecting my second year results (which I still don’t bloody have yet!) to then find out what I’ve been waiting for for months now. I’m extremely happy that I don’t have to worry about moving about between my summer course and my language assistant place, and this gives me a month to find a place in Hannover when I’m actually there – woohoo!!

So, I’m going to be an English assistant at the Integrierte Gesamtschule Roderbruch in Hannover. By the looks of the website, it teaches a range of ages, from primary school to sixth form, so I’m still not entirely sure what age group I’ll be teaching. But I don’t really mind about that to be honest, I’m just happy I’ve finally found out where I’ll be.

The email I received from the school was very brief, and basically stated that I’ll be there next year, along with the attachment of a short form I’ve had a glance at (I need to sit down and have a proper read because it’s in German – it’s been ages since I’ve done any German… D’oh) but it all looks really promising. My training dates are 3rd-6th September in Altenberg, near Cologne, and my accommodation for the summer school ends on 31st August, so I’m probably just going to hang around in Hannover between!

As for my second year results, the Flexible Combined Honours department is being stupid and I still don’t have them, but they said in their email this evening that I should be getting them tomorrow. I’m hoping I have happy news two days in a row…

I also won one of the Bessie Rook scholarships, so I’m going to be using that to keep up my French with travelling to France, as well as hopefully finding an evening class or something similar – all of which I can start planning now, at last!

That’s all I’ve got to tell you for now I think. I could chat on for ages how excited I am about finally finding out the city I’m going to be in for the next year, but I don’t want to bore you! I will, however, end this post with a picture of the Town Hall in Hannover, taken from Wikipedia. How amazing does it look?!