Oh, the woes of a language student!

Happy June! (Despite we’re 8 days in now…)

Having written my last post over a week ago, and also adding the fact I’ve been sat at my computer for an hour or so now doing nothing productive, I decided it’s new post time.

Throwing the main bit out there first – still nothing from British Council or the school I’m teaching it, still playing the waiting game, still wondering whereabouts in Niedersachsen I’ll be. And it’s all starting to bore me now. Ideally I’ll find out before I go home in just over 2 weeks time, because at the moment I’m doing nothing productive with my life, other than working a few extra shifts at Boots and seeing friends before they all go home, so the time to organise is definitely now. When I go home, I’ll be a little busier with helping out at my old school and working with my dad in the factory, adding on to the extra stress of not living at home independently (no offence, Mum).

I also had a bit of an email exchange with one of the organisers of the Summer School I’m going to in August. Basically, I asked if there was any chance I could meet other people who are also attending the course online so I could meet up with them at the airport beforehand or something, and the reply was that that’s against privacy stuff (which is fair enough), but added onto that, the nice lady asked if I wanted to be picked up from the airport. Now, at first that did seem like a good idea, but then I realised that I’m 20 years old and a small journey through a German city might not be bad practice for when I’m actually living there for a year. So I declined, but she said I was welcome to take the offer up again if I wanted to, which makes me a little more relaxed about the whole thing.

That’s about it really; proof that not a lot of exciting things are happening! Friends in Exeter are slowly going home one by one, and it’s getting more and more upsetting seeing people leave and knowing there’s a chance I’m not going to see them for a year, or possibly might not ever see them again. Oh, the woes of a language student!

Just an extra note: it’s funnily enough my other sister’s birthday today (I swear it wasn’t planned to write two consecutive posts on their birthdays!), so happy birthday to Melanie, whose age I will again not mention to prevent the possibility of her being mad at me!