I’m a free man!

I thought I’d end the month with another post, and this time I actually have exciting things to write about!

Firstly and mainly, I’ve finally finished exams. Thank fook for that. Even though I finished 3 days ago now, I don’t think it’s actually fully sunk in yet that I’m done because I’ve been busy every day since. But still – I’m a free man!

I also went to a boat party last night which was really good. Despite it being ‘bring food for the buffet’ (which I thought would result in tons of doritos and cocktail sausages) it was actually nice to see loads of things, like homemade salad and buns. There were tons of cocktail sausages nevertheless, which is never a bad thing. But yes, a night full of being suited up, drinking Baileys, having my face painted, and generally the the presence of some really good friends meant a lot of fun indeed, and it was actually quite fun how much the boat swayed. And it did sway quite a lot.


Beth, me and Maeve attempting a ‘take a photo of yourselves’ at the boat party!

Anyway, on to the more relevant stuff for this blog – I got an email today from Hannover about the Sommerakademie. Needless to say, I’m absolutely shitting myself, still. There’s so much information (all in German, so there’s the worry of translating it in the first place so I fully understand it), including the fact that I have to buy a travel ticket before I travel, and I have to go to a certain building if I don’t arrive between a certain time and blah, blah, blah… According to the email, the journey from the train station (which I’m recommended to go to after getting to the airport) is a straight 3-minute walk. Knowing me, I’ll make a wrong turn and end up back at the airport or something stupid like that. Oh, God, I am nervous.

Moving onto British Council – still nothing. The wait continues. Still. Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll actually be put in Hannover; that would be ideal, and save me worrying over travelling (which, if you know me well, I do a lot of).

That’s about it for now. I have quite a few things planned for the near future so will hopefully continue exciting stories (or whatever you’d call them) on here. I’d also like to say “happy birthday” to my sister, Katie, who’s one year older today! I’m not sure if she minds people knowing her age, but thought I’d stick on the safe side and not say it, just in case.