That’s right; a Mexican wave. In a church.

So this past week hasn’t been the most exciting week ever. After returning back to Exeter on Monday (picture of my nephew in his Christening suit to follow, just hold on a little bit longer), I’ve had one exam, and have two more to come. Just three more days until freedom, and I cannot wait a single moment longer!

But yes – back to the whole Christening story. I went home this weekend, as mentioned in my previous post, to go to my nephew’s Christening, which was fantastic. Even the service in the church was really good, due to us having to say ‘see you soon’ in different languages (my particular favourite being ‘auf wiedersehen’, natürlich) and also due to a Mexican wave. That’s right; a Mexican wave. In a church. It was crazy, and it was brilliant.

ImageMy nephew in his Christening suit, fast asleep despite having water chucked over his head!

I do promise to put a more varied selection of photos up in the near future once I get to Germany and start taking exciting photos, but for now, Finlay’s definitely my biggest story right now, which is most certainly not a bad thing.

Moving onto another big story in my life right now – exams. I feel I started revision too early, which I never thought would be possible. I kind of revised everything in a massive panic, and now when it comes to my final few exams, I’m barely doing anything because I’m repeating everything, which I guess is the point of revision, but it’s damn tedious. This did however prove to be a good thing in the German exam yesterday, so hopefully it’ll do the same for French tomorrow and Maths on Monday (ugh. Maths.)

I noticed on the Germany British Council Facebook group that a few people are starting to find out the school they’ll be going to next year, which has only added to my excitement/nerves. Well, when I say ‘nerves’, I pretty much mean I’m absolutely shitting myself. Excuse my French.

Where am I going to be? Will the school be nice? Will it be a primary school like I asked for, even though now I’m beginning to wonder if that was the best option? I just want to know already! I feel really unprepared – I’m the kind of person who wants to know exact plans before actually doing something – what time is the train exactly? Where exactly are we meeting? I sometimes wish I could just go with the flow, but I often find it too difficult to do so because I just want to know every last detail so I know everything will be alright. And that’s why Niedersachsen authorities should hurry up and sort me with a school already!

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got to say for now. Time to read a little bit more of some sort of Français for my exam tomorrow. Thank you for reading, and hopefully next time I write I will have a bundle of exciting and happy things to talk about with exams having finished and me being a free man.