Chuffin’ ‘ell, am off t’Yorkshire!

As the title implies, I’m heading home for the weekend, and am actually on the train as I type this. I’ve been on it for about half an hour, leaving just another 5 hours until I finally get there. Yay for train rides. But it’ll definitely be worth it for my nephew’s christening tomorrow; the reason I’m going home (I’ll post a picture of Finlay afterwards, don’t worry).

I had my fourth of seven exams today, and it just so turns out that making mind maps did help after all, and I’m very pleased that the question of my favourite topic was pretty much “Just analyse everything discussed in the topic”. Thank you, Ulrike Zitztlsperger! I also commended the great work of Luther, Schottelius and Gottsched – makes me sound right intelligent, doesn’t it!

That leaves me with three more exams to go- German, French and Maths. So the next week and a bit will be fun, considering I’ve barely considered Maths bar a few topics, and I’ve only just started revising French on the train today (which just proves how exciting I found it now that I’m writing this).

There are still no signs of any emails from the school I’m assisting next year in Germany. I guess I’m happy about that, ‘cos I think finding out would distract me from exams. I would also like you all to know (not that you didn’t know already) that Christian Mossmann is amazing, taking just one day to write me a reference for a scholarship I’m applying for, and a bloody good reference at that. He was the highlight of the week, and he’s generally just so awesome, but most of you knew that already.

I’m now 20 minutes away from Bristol; stop 3 of 10 of my first of two trains. Yawn. I should probably go and revise or something, but with wifi on the train (which I’ve never experienced before- it’s amazing!) I’ll probably spend my time on Facebook or something. Oh, the youth of today, eh?