Feeling confident enough to apply for a job in a hotel in Switzerland.

Guten Abend.

Today we had our German letter-writing exam which, just to clarify what the title of this post is about, was a letter of application to Familie Salzbach’s hotel in Switzerland (just the topic I revised(!)), meaning 3 down and 4 more to go. In fact, in exactly two weeks’ time, I’m going to be a free man, und ich freue mich sehr drauf.

Familie Salzbach’s postbox is going to be pretty, damn full.

I’m happy/proud that I didn’t post anything over the weekend. I was getting a bit worried I would end up becoming addicted and posting every day, making you guys really bored of my tedious rants of my everyday, boring life. It was probably the fact I was tired from work (stocking shelves in Boots is more tiring than it sounds) meaning it didn’t even occur to me to write anything. But I couldn’t keep away from writing today – so much I’ve done, so much to tell you, and so much I want to not be revising right now (mainly the latter).

I started the day at about 5am with me waking myself up from, what I’d call, a nightmare. Long story short – I was late for the letter-writing exam (due to Olly and Dan taking too long in the bathroom, just so you know), I went into the examination room, realised my phone was in my pocket, the man asked if I had it, I took it out my pocket, he saw it was on and laughed evilly saying “I’ve got you now!”

And I didn’t even eat cheese before bed. God, dreams are weird.

On the nicer side of life, I received a photo of my nephew, Finlay, the other day. In case you don’t know – I’m a first-time Uncle, so this is all very exciting! He’s exactly 8 weeks and 1 day old today, and it’s been about 3 weeks since I last saw him – he is absolutely adorable, but he’s growing so bloody fast! In fact, he’s so adorable that I’m going to make you all go ‘aww’ right now by posting a picture of him.


Clearly got his cuteness from his Uncle Dan. Right?

I also had the scary realisation today that I’m exactly half way through the time period I have my exams in, which means I should probably get my act together revising maths, especially after opening my notebook just an hour or so ago and crying ‘noooooo!’ in my head. Not good.

On that note, I’m actually going to Firehouse tonight (I know, I know; bad student complaining about exams but not doing any revision), so I’m looking forward to the wine-and-Firehouse-pizza-ful night that lies ahead at the weekly pub quiz, which I haven’t actually been to before so that should be interesting. I am however hoping not to repeat my wonderful drunken Firehouse phrase which occurred last year of “I’m just going to the toilet for a j…” (I swear I was thinking of the word ‘wazz’ – which I don’t even say sober, so I can’t quite explain why that was even passing through my head).

Best get going anyway. Probably to go on Facebook for an hour until Firehouse. I hope all is well in your worlds, and that any of you taking exams aren’t finding things too stressful!

(Go on, take another look at the picture of Finlay – he just’s so cute, I know!)