It’s Friday, Friday…

I didn’t expect me to write another post for at least a week after my first, but here I am, writing another post.

I’ve fiddled about with all the settings on here and hopefully it looks more appealing to you (especially if you’re an iPad user – it looks reet trendy on an iPad, if I do say so myself). As you may have noticed, I’ve also come up with a witty and easy-to-remember blog name. Well, maybe it’s not quite as witty as it could be, but it pretty much sums up the blog. And there’s a logo, too (see below). I’m not sure if it breaches any copyrights, but I’ll be sure to change it once I get an exciting photo of me in Germany or something along those lines.


The Flag of Niedersachsen!

Admittedly I’ve been on the fence about writing another post today. I came to the conclusion I should as there’s lots of things to say, and now when it comes to writing, it appears my life is just as boring as you would expect from a University student amongst the wonders of an exam period. I’m hoping a lot happens next year so I can actually write about exciting things.

I’m like a child on Christmas morning every time I receive an email now. The millisecond moment between my phone showing it’s loading an email to actually showing the email have been the most exciting moments I’ve had in a while (pretty lame, I know) – I just want an email from my school already so I can start planning! It’s great knowing about and all the other exciting websites to prepare us, but when I don’t know which city to search, they’re all pretty pointless. I guess I’m a little grateful for the fact that, I think, German are the first language group to hear back from the British Council with a region (sorry, France and Spain and everywhere else).

I also made cool and colourful mindmaps today ready for the Thinking About the German Language exam, and translated a letter for the MLG2001 exam on Monday, which brings me to the conclusion that I’m waffling now, and I should probably just stop typing and go learn some vocabulary or something like a good student (I’ll probably go watch Toy Story 2 in French and call it ‘revision for my French Beginners exam’).

Sorry for the bore, but hopefully it was as good procrastination for you as it was for me.