Well, isn’t this all exciting?

Hello world!

I’ve created this blog ready for my year abroad next year. Admittedly it’s well in advance (I’m not going until August), but the excitement of yesterday’s year abroad pre-departure meeting, and the fact I’m finding every single thing I can to distract me from revision, I thought I’d create it now.

So far, all I know about next year is that I’ll be an English Language Assistant with the British Council, somewhere in Niedersachsen, or in English; Lower Saxony. Here’s a link to the Wikipedia page if you’d like to look up a bit about it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lower_Saxony

So that’s all exciting, but the only teeny problem is I’m still unsure as to whereabouts I’ll actually be in Niedersachsen. Our email from the British Council stated that “by June” we’ll hear from our schools, and that “it is possible that some candidates may not be contacted until August”. Hopefully, with it being Germany, they’ll be in touch pretty soon.

Another exciting thing coming up before that is that I’m going to a Summer Academy in Hannover in August (Hannover ideally being the capital of Niedersachsen) at the Leibniz Universität Hannover, and I’ll be basically doing a 3-week intense German Language course, readying me for what lies ahead as an English Assistant. I received the final acceptance/invitiation/hello-and-welcome-and-here’s-what-you-need-to-do letter yesterday – the only problem was it was sent to my home address, so I had my poor mum reading out lines from it over the phone, with me trying to understand what on earth the letter was actually about (My favourite part being “Beg…Begru…that funny big ‘B’…ung…ver…an..stal..tung”).

So that’s everything for now, I guess. I’m currently sat with, what is probably now, a cold coffee, and ideally I should be about ready to go to campus to spend yet another day in the depths of the library/my favourite place at the top of Devonshire House, revising how to write application letters in German.

Thanks for reading my first post, and I’ll write again soon if I’m not too overwhelmed with revision and exams!

(The coffee’s still warm!)